Boardwalk Project

Help us install a new, long lasting boardwalk at Viles Arboretum

Viles Arboretum's Wetland Boardwalk is a breathtaking outdoor attraction that takes visitors on a quarter-mile immersive journey through Maine's natural surroundings. However, the current structure is deteriorating and requires replacement. The project is scheduled to commence in the upcoming spring of 2023, and we seek your support to help us achieve our goal of building a new, professionally designed and engineered boardwalk.

The total cost of required for this project is $142,000. In 2022, we were selected by the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands to receive a "Once in a Generation" investment in the Arboretum to improve a variety of infrastructure on our trails through its Recreational Trail Program (RTP). A portion of this funding will go to fund 80% of the boardwalk project. This leaves a remaining balance of $28,400 that the Arboretum needs to raise through grants and grassroots fundraising. You can help us reach our goal by making a donation towards the completion of this project.