Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees

A living tribute to honor your friend or loved one that will make a positive impact on the natural world for years to come. $500 minimum gift.

Memorial trees are a powerful way to commemorate significant milestones in life. Create a place of comfort and solace to remember those who have passed. They create cherished sites to celebrate new life and other noteworthy accomplishments, such as graduation and retirement.

Submitting this form starts the process of your memorial tree. Once received, Arboretum staff will select and purchase a plant in accordance with the Arboretum’s land management plan and plant acquisition policy. It will be planted in a location that is appropriate for the species and variety selected. You may note a preferred plant and we will do our best to accommodate.

Planting season at the Arboretum is May thru October. Order placed within those months are fulfilled within 90 days. Order placed outside of those months will be scheduled to be planted during our planting season. Once planted, you will be notified of the type and location of your tree.

Your tree dedication will be memorialized in the Arboretum's plant records. The botanical tag will include a personalized inscription, and will be placed at the time of planting. Your gift will be acknowledged on a plaque displayed in the Visitor Center, and will be placed at the end of the year.

The Arboretum cannot guarantee the survival of any individual tree, shrub or plant over the long-term. If a memorial plant dies within three years of being planted, it will be replaced once at no cost to the donor.